This Clarification Text has been issued in order to define the principles related to the processing of your personal data in scope of the e-bulletin services under the website "" operated and provided by SF DANIŞMANLIK REKLAM TURİZM İÇ VE DIŞ TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. ("Company"), the data controller, according to the Personal Data protection Act 6698 (“Law”) and the related legislation.

Processed Data Categories

The personal data of users who subscribe for membership to the e-bulletin by entering their e-mail address in the respective section of our website ("") and of users who have memberships via the platform in our website are processed while we provide the e-bulletin services. No further process s made for users who already have membership via the platform persons who want to establish a different membership relationship are required to provide their e-mail addresses which are processed as personal data. The processing activities of data other than e-mail addresses are carried out according to the practices defined in the PRIVACY, SECURITY AND COOKIES POLICY and GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS being applied for all website visitors.

Purposes and Legal Reasons for Processing Personal Data

Your personal data which are collected upon your registration to our e-bulletin list are processed in order to send you informative content, to follow up and analyze projects and events to be organized in this field and to ensure customer satisfaction. Besides these information, collective statistical data which do not contain personal data such as frequency and times of visits to our website are collected to analyze and understand the visitors’ actions and preferences.

Locations where the processed Personal Data are transferred to and the Purpose of Transfer

Your personal data which are processed by the company being limited to the purposes stated in this clarification text and in accordance with clauses 5 and 6 of the Law are transferred only to abroad due to the utilized service providers and during this transfer all necessary security measures and legal obligations are followed. For the transfer processes to abroad; your explicit consent will be separately required in respect with the transfer, if deemed necessary.

Your personal data may be transferred to; companies and representatives which have been authorized by us and which act on behalf and in the name of our company; to regulatory and supervisory authorities and public organizations and institutions which are expressly authorized by Law to request personal data; business partnerships, suppliers and contractor companies, banks, credit risk and finance institutions and other real persons or legal entities which fall into the scope of the specified purposes; to tax and similar advisors, persons whose receipt of such data is mandatory for legal proceedings; public organizations and institutions and auditors and also including third parties who we provide consulting services to us, and business partners, third party service providers, authorized persons and organizations assigned for the aforementioned purposes.

The Collection Method of personal Data and Legal Reason

Your personal data are collected through the "Subscribe" button in the website for e-bulletin services, whereas for users which are members through the platform; their personal data are collected online during their membership transactions. Besides, personal data may be collected by information and contact forms which are filled in during any organized events.

Storage period and place of Personal Data and the measures being taken

Your personal data are stored as long as required by the purposes of processing stated in this clarification text taking into respect the time lapse periods specified by Law and other legislation.

Your personal data are protected in full compliance with all technical and administrative security controls which have to be applied according to information security standards and procedures. The said security measures are ensured at a level which is appropriate to the potential risk by taking technologic and economic capacities into consideration as well.

Methods of applying to the Data Controller and your Rights

According to clause 11 of the Law, you are entitled to apply to the company which acts in the capacity of the data controller and to carry our the following:


  • a) to know whether your personal data are processed,
  • b) to request information if your personal data are processed,
  • c) to know the purpose for processing and whether your personal data are used for the intended purpose,
  • d) to know the parties inland / abroad who your personal data are transferred to,
  • e) to request correction if your personal data are processed in an incorrect / incomplete manner,
  • f) to request the deletion / destruction of your personal data in scope of the conditions stipulated by clause 7 of the Law and by clause 17 of the Bylaw
  • g) to request the notification of the performed actions in paragraphs (e) and (f) mentioned above to the third parties who your personal data have been transferred to,
  • h) to raise objection against any result which is against your interest and has occurred upon analysis carried out by exclusively automatic system,
  • ı) to request the restriction of the processing,
  • i) to request in a formatted and legible format by a commonly used machine and
  • j) to request the remedy of any loss and damage which you may be exposed due to unlawful processing of personal data.

Also, you can use your right of leaving the e-mail list by clicking the link in the email content free of charge. . You can send your requests for information and applications by filling in the Respective person Application Form available in our website and sending to “Odunluk Mah. Odunluk Cad. No: 50 B Nilüfer/Bursa Türkiye” by registered mail with return receipt, through notary public or submitting in person. Our company finalizes your requests as soon as possible but in all cases and depending on the nature of your request, latest within thirty days and your first request will be finalized free of charge. However, if your further requests are about the same matter as your first requests or if your first request requires an additional cost, a fee may be charged. The company may accept the request and start to proceed or may reject the request by explaining the justification in written.

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