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Jumpsuit; It is a type of clothing that usually covers the arms and legs completely, is worn at one time during the wearing phase, and does not have separate parts. It is mostly used by women and children.

Jumpsuit does not have a single clear and special fabric. In general, any type of fabric can be used in wholesale jumpsuit sales and production. While fabrics with brighter, flashy, thin and vibrant colors are used when producing for women; It is preferred to use softer, thicker and cotton fabrics when producing for children.

Children of all ages can wear overalls. It is a very useful and stylish clothing product as well as being very comfortable. For example; children can wear overalls while sleeping and sleep comfortably, wear them when they go out and move without getting cold, use their pockets so they don't lose their belongings, or easily get a stylish look because it is a one-piece product.

The reason why the jumpsuit is most often used while sleeping is this: children may open their clothes at night, wake up constantly, or put their limbs in the wrong place without realizing it. A jumpsuit can be a very good protection against all these things. They will benefit from using overalls by not getting cold, preventing them from banging their hands and arms a little bit, and at the same time, when they wake up, they can fall asleep again comfortably.

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