Benefits for Wholesale Buyers

Create Your Profile

You can create a profile very easily with the advanced administration panel specially developed for your brand

You can upload all contact information, stores’ images to your profile. If your profile is more detailed and attractive, the corporateness of your company will shine out and the chances of your company to be attracted by manufacturers will increase.

Reach Hundreds of Professional Manufacturers

Members of KidsWearWorld consist of only verified manufacturers. Resellers, agencies and non-producers are not verified by the system.

The professional and reliable manufacturers of the industry are placed in this platform.

Using advanced filter options, it is easier to  find various products with the features you are interested in. 

By reaching the manufacturers directly, you can save money and time thanks to the technological substructure.

Our international call center is always at your service for all your questions.

View the Newest Collections

The most qualified manufacturers of the industry are ready to present to you the newest collections they have designed with R & D studies.

You can easily find hundreds of different products from all age groups and reach all the details about the product.

If you wish, you can request a detailed offer or a sample.

Message manufacturers directly and easily

The messages you send to the manufacturers through the system will be delivered directly to the company owner or the most authorized person.

Secure messaging is important in our system. Your messages are protected with end-to-end encryption thanks to our technological system. You will not need any reseller or agents to purchase from manufacturers.

Thanks to  "Auto-Translate" feature, you can easily talk with your trade partner in your own language without the need for any interpreter.

Keep Your Trade on 365 Days

Contact with the manufacturers 365 days and visit their  virtual showrooms from anywhere and any device with internet connection

By adding the products or manufacturers you are interested in to your favorites, you will be informed about the newest  products of the manufacturers.

Hear About the Newest Innovations in the Industry

You will also be informed of innovations in the industry, developments in
companies, fairs, and events with the news that will be published in our digital
subscription on

Feel the pulse of the industry!

Reduce the Travel and Staff Expenses

Thanks to, which combines many years of experience with the latest technology; you will save on your purchasing and procurement costs.

Long distances will be shortened as a "click", complex operations will become easier.

Earn While Buying

One of the most important rules of foreign trade is to "earning while buying".

By reducing your travel and buying expenses, you will start making a profit at the first step when you buy without a reseller.

You must be a member to review all products and contact manufacturers.
IS ALWAYS WITH YOU! is developed to allow you to trade anywhere with a device that can be connected to the internet without interruption.

Wherever you are; at home, in the office, in your factory or during the travel...
All your trade partners are just one click away.