We have always created innovative projects for the needs of baby and kids fashion industry. We carried out domestic and overseas organizations, fair tours and market research trips to improve the industry's trade.

We have always emphasized that technology should take a bigger part in trade. We created KidswearWorld.com by combining our experience with our expert team and advanced software in order to fully integrate the baby and kids wear industry into the digital world.

As the digital trade center KidswearWorld.com, we provide easy and efficient trade opportunity to professional manufacturers and wholesale buyers from all over the world.

Our Team
Süleyman Güler
Fatih Fazlı Çığ
Can Paçacı
Yazılım Sorumlusu
Yasin Muratoğulları
Yazılım Sorumlusu
Sedef Geyik
Satış ve Pazarlama Yöneticisi
Atilla Tahsin
Satış ve Pazarlama Sorumlusu
Serkan Çağrı Taşdemir
Satış ve Pazarlama Sorumlusu
Aysel Shefova
Satış ve Pazarlama Sorumlusu
Mansour Diop Ndiaye
Satış ve Pazarlama Sorumlusu
Aslınur Hatipoğlu
Tasarım Sorumlusu
Erdem Düzlüce
Tasarım Sorumlusu
Kemal Mizam
Medya Sorumlusu


Kidswearworld.com is developed to allow you to trade anywhere with a device that can be connected to the internet without interruption.

Wherever you are; at home, in the office, in your factory or during the travel...
All your trade partners are just one click away.